How To Fix Question Mark Games Error on Yuzu Android (Solution)

If you are using Yuzu emulator on your Android device for the first time and encounter “?” question mark errors on game icons, and you don’t know how to solve this problem, you are in the right place.

In this blog, I will show you how to fix question mark error on yuzu Android games with step-by-step screenshots and a video tutorial.

What is Yuzu Android?

Yuzu Android is an emulator specifically designed for playing Nintendo Switch games on Android tablets and smartphones. Both free and paid versions are available on Google Play Store. Early access features are included in $4.99 paid version.

What Causes Question Mark Games Error on Yuzu Android?

Yuzu Android question mark games error can be caused by a number of factors:

  1. Prod.keys is not installed on Yuzu Android.
  2. Selection of invalid prod.keys on Yuzu Android.
  3. Outdated prod.keys installed on Yuzu Android.
Question Mark Games Error Yuzu Android

How To Fix Question Mark Games on Yuzu Android: Video Tutorial

How To Fix Question Mark Games on Yuzu Android: A Step-by-Step Tutorial with Screenshots

Step 1 – Open any web browser and visit website.

Step 2 – Click on any download server to visit latest version Yuzu Android prod.keys downloading page.

Yuzu Android prod.keys (Latest Version)Download

Step 3 – Yuzu Android Prod ‘‘ file will begin to download when you click on “Download” button.

Step 4 – Latest Version of “” file has been downloaded successfully.

Step 5 – Using WinRAR application, extract latest version of ‘’ file to get Yuzu Android prod.keys file.

Step 6 – Latest version prod.keys file has been successfully extracted from ‘‘ file.

Step 7 – Open Yuzu Android emulator, and click on ‘Settings‘ icon.

Step 8 – Click on ‘Manage yuzu data‘ option.

Step 9 – Click on ‘Install prod.keys‘ option.

Step 10 – Choose and select ‘prod.keys‘ file that you extracted from ‘‘ file.

Step 11 – Go back to Yuzu Android games section and check if question mark error has been fixed or not.

Step 12 – Question mark games error on Yuzu Android has now been fixed. Enjoy!

Final Words:

After applying the method I instructed above, if your Yuzu Android still shows a question mark error, try uninstalling Yuzu Android and reinstalling the latest version. Install prod.keys again, and it may help you solve this question mark error issue.

If you have any questions related to Yuzu Android, please comment below in the comment section.

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