Yuzu Android GPU Drivers Download (Latest Version)

Download free latest new Yuzu Android GPU drivers for Turnip and Qualcomm based systems. Installing different custom GPU drivers can improve your gaming experience by possibly improving performance or accuracy in game.

About Yuzu Android:

Yuzu Android is a new Nintendo Switch emulator for Android smartphones that is freely available on Google Play Store as ‘Yuzu Emulator’ for Android devices. You can play thousands of Switch video games on Yuzu, and external gamepads are compatible.

What is Yuzu Android GPU Driver?

GPU drivers for Yuzu Android are graphics processing unit (GPU) drivers developed specifically for Yuzu Android Nintendo Switch emulator. These GPU drivers must be installed on Yuzu Android emulator to enhance its performance and accuracy.

How To Install Custom GPU Drivers on Yuzu Android? (Video Tutorial)

Download Yuzu Android GPU Drivers (Qualcomm + Turnip) [New Added]

All Versions:File Size:Links:
Qualcomm Driver v757 (Latest)10MBDownload
Qualcomm Driver v744.1212MBDownload
Qualcomm Driver v744.812MBDownload
Qualcomm Drivers v744.512MBDownload
Qualcomm Driver v744.412MBDownload
Qualcomm Driver v676.4711MBDownload
Qualcomm Driver v615.779MBDownload
Mesa Turnip Driver v24.0.0 – R12:
1. Agressive Beta Extensions Turnip
2. Agressive Turnip
3. Regular Turnip
Mesa Turnip Driver v24.0.0 – R111MBDownload
Mesa Turnip Driver v24.0.0 – R101MBDownload
Mesa Turnip Driver v23.3.0 – R91MBDownload
Mesa Turnip Driver v23.3.0 – R81MBDownload
Mesa Turnip Driver v23.3.0 + A7xx basic support – R71MBDownload
Mesa Turnip Driver v23.3.0 + A7xx basic support – R62MBDownload
Mesa Turnip Driver v23.2.0 + A7xx basic support – R52MBDownload
Qualcomm Driver v676.4211MBDownload
Qualcomm Driver v676.4011MBDownload
Qualcomm Driver v676.3911MBDownload
Qualcomm Driver v676.32
Qualcomm Driver v676.32 (Alloc Fix)
Mesa Turnip Driver – v23.3.0-dev, Vulkan 1.3.2581MBDownload
Mesa Turnip Driver – v23.3.0-dev, Vulkan 1.3.255 + a7xx basic support1MBDownload
Mesa Turnip Driver v23.2.0 + a7xx basic support v2 FIX21MBDownload
Turnip Vulkan Driver v23.2.0 + a7xx basic support2MBDownload
Mesa Turnip Driver – v23.3.0-dev, Vulkan 1.3.2611MBDownload
Mesa Turnip Driver v23.2.0 + A7xx basic support – R41MBDownload
Mesa Turnip Driver v23.2.0 + A7xx basic support – R31MBDownload
Qualcomm Driver v69013MBDownload
Qualcomm Driver v68212MBDownload
Qualcomm driver v676.1611MBDownload
Qualcomm driver v676.1310MBDownload
Qualcomm driver v676.22 FIX11MBDownload
Qualcomm driver v615.659MBDownload
Qualcomm driver v615.659MBDownload
Freedreno Turnip Vulkan Driver v23.2.0 – (5/5/23) – FIXED1MBDownload
Mesa3D Turnip Driver v23.1.0-dev1MBDownload
Mesa3D Turnip Driver v23.0.31MBDownload
Qualcomm Driver v68712MBDownload
Qualcomm Driver v676.1211MBDownload
Qualcomm Driver v676.911MBDownload
Qualcomm Driver v676.310MBDownload
Qualcomm Driver v67613MBDownload
Qualcomm Driver v67210MBDownload
Qualcomm Driver v66712MBDownload
Qualcomm Driver v615.509MBDownload
Qualcomm Driver v615.379MBDownload
Qualcomm Driver v615.49MBDownload
Qualcomm Driver v6159MBDownload
Turnip v22.3.3-r2 – ft.lybxlpsv1MBDownload
Turnip v22.3.3-R11MBDownload
Turnip v22.3.2-R11MBDownload
Turnip Driver v251MBDownload
Turnip Driver v241MBDownload
Turnip Driver v121MBDownload
Turnip-KGSL Rework1MBDownload
Turnip Driver by Mark v21MBDownload
Turnip Driver by Mark v11MBDownload
Turnip Driver v261MBDownload
Turnip Driver v22.3.1-r21MBDownload

How To Install GPU Drivers on Yuzu Android?

Step 1 – Open web browser on your Android device and go to “www.prod-keys.com‘ to get latest GPU drivers for Yuzu Android.

Step 2 – Choose a compatible GPU driver for your Yuzu Android emulator and click on “Download” link.

Step 3 – It will take 7 seconds to generate download link.

Step 4 – Click on ‘Click Here To Download‘ button.

Step 5 – It will take approx. 30 seconds to download GPU driver ‘zip‘ file on your Android device.

Step 6 – Now, You have successfully downloaded latest GPU driver ‘.zip‘ file for Yuzu Android.

Step 7 – Open yuzu android emulator.

Step 8 – Go to ‘Settings‘.

Step 9 – Click on ‘GPU driver manager‘ option.

Step 10 – Click on ‘Install‘ button.

Step 11 – Select GPU driver ‘.zip‘ file that you downloaded from ‘prod-keys.com‘ website, and then click on ‘Select‘ option.

Step 12 – New GPU driver has been successfully installed and selected on Yuzu Android emulator.

Step 13 – Always use latest GPU drivers on Yuzu Android to improve performance and game accuracy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. What GPU drivers does Yuzu Android require?

Ans. Yuzu Android requires Vulkan-compatible Qualcomm and Turnip GPU drivers, which are available on GitHub and prod-keys.com website.

Q2. Can Yuzu Android run on devices with integrated graphics?

Ans. Yes, Yuzu Android can run on devices with integrated graphics, but sometimes performance may not meet expectations. That’s why it is important to use a dedicated GPU that supports Vulkan for best performance.

Q3. How can I update my GPU drivers for Yuzu Android?

Ans. Open Yuzu Android emulator, select ‘GPU Drivers Manager’ option from Settings menu, and click ‘Install’ button then select latest version ‘driver file’ to update GPU drivers on Yuzu Android.

Q4. Can I use custom GPU drivers with Yuzu Android?

Ans. Yes, you can use custom GPU drivers on Yuzu Android emulator, and it’s recommended by Yuzu developers to enhance gaming performance and accuracy.

Final Words:

All new GPU drivers for Yuzu Android, including Qualcomm and Turnip versions, are available in this blog post with fast download links. Additionally, We also included instructions on installing latest GPU drivers on Yuzu Android.

You can add multiple drivers on Yuzu Android and change drivers for each game through ‘GPU Driver Manager’ option.

If you have any questions regarding GPU drivers and Yuzu Android, please feel free to ask in the comments section, and we will try to assist you as soon as possible.

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