How To Fix Invalid encryption keys Error on Yuzu Android (Solution)

In this blog, I will provide a tutorial on how to fix ‘Invalid Encryption Keys’ error on Yuzu Android. Follow the step-by-step guide with screenshots and watch the video tutorial for the easiest method to solve this error problem using the latest prod.keys.

About Yuzu Android:

Yuzu Android is the latest and best Nintendo Switch emulator available for free download and installation. If you’re an Android user who wants to play Switch games but doesn’t have a Switch console, and you wish to enjoy your favorite games on your Android phone, Yuzu Android is the best option. While there are other choices to play Switch games on Android, Yuzu stands out as the top pick for Android users.

What causes ‘Invalid encryption keys’ error on Yuzu Android?

Invalid encryption keys error on Yuzu Android can happen for various reasons:

  1. prod.keys file is incorrect.
  2. prod.keys file may be corrupted.
  3. You downloaded the wrong or fake keys file from a random website.
  4. Your prod.keys file is outdated.
  5. You did not obtain the prod.keys properly from your Nintendo Switch console.

How To Fix Invalid encryption keys Error on Yuzu Android? (Video Tutorial)

How To Fix Invalid encryption keys Error on Yuzu Android?

Step 1 – If you see the “Invalid Encryption Keys” error with the message ‘The selected file is incorrect or corrupted. Please redump your keys.’ simply click on ‘Close‘ option.

Step 2 – Open any web browser and go to website to get the correct and working prod.keys file for Yuzu Android.

Step 3 – Select and click on any download button to get the latest version prod.keys file.”

Step 4 – Click on “Download” button again to start downloading working prod.keys file for Yuzu Android, and it will only take 2-3 seconds to download.”

Step 5 – Prod Keys file has been successfully downloaded.

Step 6 – To unzip ‘‘ file, use WinRAR application. Select the ‘extract‘ option to get prod.keys file for Yuzu Android. This will help you fix the ‘invalid encryption keys‘ error.”

Step 7 – prod.keys file has been successfully extracted from file.

Step 8 – Open ‘settings‘ in Yuzu Android, go to ‘Manage yuzu data,’ and then click on ‘Install prod.key Import‘ icon.

Step 9 – Choose ‘prod.keys‘ file that you extracted from ‘‘ file, and then click on ‘Select‘ option.

Step 10 – Now, prod.keys file has been successfully imported on Yuzu Android and is working without any errors.

Final Words:

The method described above is the easiest way to solve the ‘invalid encryption keys’ error problem on Yuzu Android. Only provides the correct and working keys for switch emulators.

If you are still facing invalid keys error or any other issues on Yuzu Android, please let us know in the comment section. We will try to help you as soon as possible, and remember, is the only website where you will find correct keys and firmware for Yuzu Android emulator.

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